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Empowering Women With
Sparkle Business


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There has been a growing rate of female entrepreneurs in Nigeria, however some of these businesses still face issues like lack of funding, access to market, networking opportunities & proper business training.

To empower these female owned businesses, in line with it’s goal to bring in more women to the business scene, Sparkle Bank, a women-focused org created a business community for these entrepreneurs and provided a platform to drive awareness & growth for these  businesses
To help, we started by asking these women about the key challenges they face and how to overcome them, We then shared their brand stories with the world, and created a community online and on the app for these women. We also plan, and execute regular campaigns to include more women and drive business growth for them 

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How we told the story

Our objective was to create suitable communication that informs, educates and integrates these women’s business management, growth and financial accountability by coming into this platform that digitally manages their business activities in the simplest and most efficient way, right on their mobile phones. 

Our communication materials, video production, research and data analysis  were useful resource in achieving the goal. 


Our initiative helped tell the stories of successful women who utilised the platform, and also gave opportunities for others to join, through the awareness we created. 

Content Creation

Digital Marketing

App Development

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